Hand Tractor

with Weeder attachment


The Hand Tractor with weeder attachment allows easy removal of weeds. The weeder blade is made of spring steel - hardened and tempered to take impact of the soil. We offer weeder attachments in three sizes 8", 12" and 16".  The attachment is designed  allowing easy removal of weeds, without fatigue.

with Furrower attachment


The Hand Tractor Triangular Furrow attachments helps in creating furrows for planting underground vegetables (potato, sweet potato, groundnut, beetroots, carrot etc). It is also useful for plantation of other vegetables like lady finger (okra etc), sugarcane plantation and various other crops.

with Disc Harrow attachment


The Hand Tractor Gang Disc Harrow attachment helps in soil consolidation. It easily breaks soil lumps and help loosening of soil, allowing better aeration and water penetration/retention in soil - further promoting healthy plant growth.

with Curvilinear plough attachment


The Hand Tractor  Curvilinear Plough attachments is versatile, and is useful for ploughing, creating trenches across plants.

with Seeder attachment


The Hand Tractor Seed drill attachment allows you to sow seeds. It basically helps measure precise quantity of seeds to be dispensed out from the hopper assembly. One can sow vegetables, paddy, millets, corn, groundnuts etc using this attachment. Maximum two rows simultaneous sowing. Distance between the rows can be adjusted.

with Spray carrying tray attachment


The Hand Tractor Sprayer carrying tray attachment helps carry upto 18L battery operated sprayers. This helps offload all back carrying weight on to the sprayer. The sprayer attachment has a stand provided. Please note the Sprayer is NOT included. We also offer attachment with 4 nozzle ejection as an add on assembly, which can attach to existing sprayer machine. 

with Tine attachment


 The Tine attachment is a dual role, it helps in weed removal, and also loosens the soil. 2 tooth tine covers 5", 3 tooth tine covers area of 8", while 4 tooth tine covers area of 12".  

with Hiller attachment


The Hiller attachment allows to cover the furrows, and also used for Hilling applications. With three settings covering on surface, mid hilling, deep hilling.

Useful for all crops.

Other Products

Hoe with Trowel

Hoe with Trowel

The Hoe with trowel helps you to dig from one side, and functions as a spade from otherside. It is powder coated and heavy built for long lasting. Available in two handle sizes, 1 foot and 3 feet.


Hand weeder (with & without handle)

This tool is simple to use, and versatile. Used to remove weeds in and around trees, garden lawn edges, vegetable beds etc.

The blade is made of spring steel that is hardened and tempered. The handle pipe is long enough and is made of CR grade, with MIG welding. Powder coated for long life. The extra long handle help you weed seamlessly.



The Sickle is made of Spring steel, which is hardener and tempered. The serrated blade ensures long life. Suited for grass cutting, paddy, millets, and wheat harvesting.


Hand Seeder

Using this tool you can sow one seed at a time. No more bending your back for sowing. Seeds that can be sown using Hand Seeder are Cotton, Garlic, pulses, corn, millets, paddy, grams, vegetable, literally all available seeds. All metal design, powder coated, heavy duty spring for long life.


Garden Pot stands

URVI Agrotech introduces Garden pot stands, these are easy to transport, as they can be assembled. Available in Single step, Two steps and Three steps.


URVI Agrotech Seed drill

Hand Seeder

Weeding made simple using URVI Agrotech Hand Tractor (video courtesy Anil Harlalka) 

Hiller attachment used to cover soil to groundnut crop

Ground nut sowing in action

Seed Drill 

At Kanekar Farms Sonurli, Sawantwadi, Maharashtra, INDIA

Hand Tractor - Curvilinear Plough attachment

Hand Tractor - Triangular Furrow attachment

Hand Tractor - Weeder attachment

Hand Tractor - 

Easy to use by women

4 Tooth plough attachment - at Nagpur, Maharashtra by Shailesh Deshkar