First Prototype


We started with a sketch, which was developed into our first proto type. We tested it on soil, and it turned up pretty decent - draw back was the wheel, - it was too small.

Second prototype


We tried to nail the drawbacks of our first proto, by increasing the wheel size, re-designing the handles, and main unit that holds the handle and wheels. It turned out to be more comfortable working model by now.

Final design


This is our offering, good build and finish. With a choice of wheels - either pneumatic rubber tyres or Solid MS flat wheel.

Weeder Attachments

5" Weeder


The 5" weeder attachment is useful in Paddy cultivation. It can also be used to weed vegetable farming. The blades of all sizes of weeder are made of  Spring Steel that are hardened and tempered. The hardness of all our blades are done at ISO certified state of the art facility.

8" Weeder


The 8" weeder attachment is useful in all kinds of corps maize, millets, vegetables etc. 

12 " Weeder


Achieve more area coverage in less time by using 12" weeder. It is useful when the distance between the two rows of crop is greater that 1 feet. 

16" Weeder


We have farmers of groundnut using this blades, they mainly use in inter-crop system. This blade variety is also popular in south India (mainly Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Telangana, Karnataka)

How to buy

Our Hand Tractor is available for online purchase at www.amazon.in. Contact us via email/phone. Incase if dealer is available at your area we will direct you there. Else we will dispatch the implement from our unit located in Pune, Maharashtra. Else you can personally visit us and collect.